Why should you say I love you (or maybe not)?

Our friend Gerard, designer of Mimilamour jewelry doesn't let it get to him! "You should say I love you" is the mantra of his lovely store, confirmed by lots of "Mon Coeur" ( My Heart) rings and sweatshirts "Je t'aime" ( I Love You) in nifty gothic print, recently copied by H&M… Le Futiloscope doesn't dare mock these repeated calls of luuvve! Is it because of Mothers Day and its avalanche of T-shirts "Love Mamma" or "Best Mamma Ever"? An overdose of kindness is waiting in the wings. Not for you? When did France, that up until now has held itself aloof (Don't forget the film Santa Claus is a Stinker), become a paragon of (soppy) sentiment? Are we applying half-hearted measures to this cold epoch? Personally, Le Futiloscope doesn't really believe that baskets that proclaim loud and clear "Love" (see our last post), pillows that whisper "Peace" and golden rings that scream "Smile!" help anyone to be "Happy" (another important word of the times). To the contrary, feeling alone in a T-shirt "Love is Big" is without a doubt as sad as it gets! A little "hug" to make it better? As for those snobs in upscale high schools (or those mean blonde girls in their convertible Minis) who aren't at all bothered by their little yuppie clothes with their soppy messages, we suggest they go for the hard stuff, the stuff that reveals their true natures ("Bitch" maybe)…

We mock, clearly, but how did this "Love Washing" start? We see two possible leads, but you may have others. The positive attitude so prevalent in those California start-ups, which has become the gold standard, counts for a big part in this. There's lots of talk, stuck between the green plants and the meditation corner, of Chief Happiness Officer, he who watches over the vibes of open space workplaces. Those open space workplaces couldn't care less, but don't tell anyone! The massive incursion of Yoga - here we make no judgment, but frankly, in spring 2018 if you're not into it, you're labeled a mindless idiot - certainly didn't help the compulsory aesthetic or beatitude of the times. In short, the situation is critical, dear intractable friends, you who resist again and again this invasive cuteness, rise up for the greater good, rise up for Irony!

Photo @mumdaymornings