Why no Futilo today ?

For once we’re not going to regale you with tales of weathered picket fences abutting dunes and beach grass, or waves lapping against Atlantic shores…Le Futiloscope USA, exhausted by the hectic New York life we live, has escaped for a few days to the American West, in the middle of Navajo country. Drunk on the enormous expanses, we contemplate the mountains during the day and by the light of braziers, the stars at night, all that instead of ensuring the weekly delivery of the latest trends. We’re not proud of ourselves, besides which we haven’t brought back either traditional pottery or wall hangings woven by locals (even worse, we blew off a workshop on how to make a dreamcatcher). We did however have the entry to our hotel room “purified” with a smudge stick of white sage complete with feather to disperse the smoke. Totally cleansed, having swapped our bad vibes for super positive energy, we can come home next week in great shape, and hopefully inspired. See you soon!