Why are overalls all over ?

Work wear for white collars, you’ve heard of it of course…Companies like Carhartt are prospering from this niche since forever.  It’s kind of like 4x4’s equipped with buffalo grills in Paris:  guys who are never going to either dirty or injure themselves by doing manual labor wear the same clothes as modern workmen.  And this autumn, rife with social action, dressing like the working class  seems to be de rigueur  for girls as well.  But its rather the vintage version, or post war shipyard style ! Magazines abound in young beauties in mechanics jumpsuits from Dior or in indigo designer work shirts.

Ah, the work jacket…Juliet Berto wore it with style in the film La Chinoise (it’s a good thing, Godard is “in” as well).  The little trendies of the 80’s loved to buy them directly from Lafont, the “pro of pro clothing”.  This budding trend is absolutely everywhere right now, more or less eh… “reworked”.  At the chic minimalists (Cos), or at Sézane (a favourite for 30ish little darlings , that just opened a shop in New York City) ,   the blue peril is threatening!

The company Le Mont Saint Michel calls them “veritable work jackets” on its e-shop, really! The brand is flooding social media with photos of young manual workers --#mavestemontravail – completely in the moment, which is to say, nice and clean.  As to the authentic “overalls”  (or work jumpsuits), they also benefit of a very chic re-edition on the indispensible site detoujours.com. Also note the pop up store of the discreet Franco-Japanese brand “Outil” from “De Bonne Facture”…it seems like they’re trying to include the whole lexicon of popular millennial buzzwords!

Le Futiloscope is not going to add its two cents to the fantasy of “getting ones hands dirty” as this new mode translates rather clumsily…We know that, when a species disappears, the collective imagination grabs on to its relics and its trappings…. Here lies, in the shop windows or the fashion shows of the group LVMH, the Western labourer -- RIP!

Photo detoujours.com