Why herbs are the new plants ?

It's about time ! For the last few weeks Le Futiloscope has been thinking about singing a verse of “The Botanical is chic”… And recently we even noticed a window of the high street fashion brand  Camaieu proudly proclaiming “Herbarium Trend”.  For the last few months, we’ve had it with “Jungle Fever”. Monstera and Co.—enough. Since we can’t live without our shot of naturalism, we had to find something else. And we found it in aromatic and medicinal plants. As graceful, slender and indigenous as the palm is colossal and exotic…closer to our roots so to speak. The word “herbarium” has started to insinuate itself in our vocabulary: to date, wearing this name proudly, we have counted: a Gucci collection (in 2016), a trendy cocktail bar (at the National Arts et Metiers building, 52 herbal juices and flowers on the menu) and an ultra chic e-shop specialized in decorative plaques under glass of pistils and dried leaves.

Will our homes too be invaded by the botanist trend? Probably. Besides the decorative plaques noted above (the easy DIY of this autumn!), the little floral aquarelles, annotated in Latin if possible, are everywhere in the yuppie boutiques (like Jamini). Wallpaper in naturalist mode shines in hotels for young crowd (the new Hoxton Paris among others). The partnership of G by Gien and Monoprix, which arrives October 12 in Paris , decorates its plates with retro graminae, which repudiates neither Deyrolle nor John Derian, two shops in Paris and New York which have always cultivated herbariums. It’s time to hit the yard sales and ferret out those paperweights filled with ferns and flowers …

The world of beauty, always looking for the next thing to please the fickle millennial’s is not to be outdone. Certainly, essential oils and aromatherapy isn’t new. But consumer brands which openly call themselves “Aura Botanica”—classy, the Latin again!—like apothecary bottles?  The new e-store Apoldine (“The Philosophy of Botanic Beauty”) is deep into the trend with its flasks in brownish-blue glass like those you’d find in an herbalist shop. Check out the boutique The Alchemist’s Kitchen in New York, by the way…

And since we’re talking about herbalists, go take a look at the The Herb Shop, on the Greek site Daphne and Chloé, a monument to snobbism. Or the e-shop, Le Bénéfique, the precursor to herbal infusions of stalks, which should make… a well-deserved splash! It’s the opener on a riveting video of a harvester-gatherer tramping through fields of wild plants at sunrise…Will this be the ultimate incarnation of life-change (after butcher, baker and florist)?

Le Futiloscope doesn’t have time to think about it. We need to try out a set of perfumed temporary tattoos at Bouquet Garni. Sign up for a course of Primitive Pharmacopia next weekend. Go buy washing up liquid Thym Vulgaris. And chose a pair of glasses at Waiting for the Sun, the first parisian optician to propose an aromatic herb garden in his office…Warning, Herbal Attraction!

Photo : Le Futiloscope