Why is it the advent of the Xmas Wreath?

In the big rush up to the last week before the holidays, Le Futiloscope is going to pay itself a little Xmas subject. But that’s because important things are trending in this area! For example, the Advent Wreath, this longtime prerogative of the Parisian bourgeoisie...It was often plump, its pine branches covered with all kinds of trinkets and little red or white bows. Perfect on the door of a pre-war apartment, which usually offered a manger scene and an old-fashioned Xmas tree as well!

Even if you could find one in the so cool SoAu ( read our previous post) ,  the winds have turned this year for the venerable old lady. Under the funky name of “Christmas Wreath” (frankly who cares about Advent?), over the last few weeks it’s become the star of the social media. On Instagram, young trendy florists like Peonies, Pampa Paris, Racines Paris, Castor Fleuriste ... are showing their graceful creations weaving together grasses, ivy, eucalyptus leaves, willow and humble flowers into an undeniably poetic result. In store windows like L'Entente , the new British Brasserie, in Paris, Le Futiloscope has to admit, the overall effect is charming. Coachella (our contemporary love of wreaths began there, right?) meets Santa Claus, having made a small detour through boho-chic weddings and Scandinavian deco blogs...

If we try to inject a modicum of sense into these exquisite weaves, the new Christmas Wreath has more to do with the pagan winter solstice than with the old Foie Gras Xmas. The beautiful Miyoko Yasumoto, whose dried flowers we’ve already raved about, dazzles us with her version in white ferns. This vision is so magical, that we can’t help but agree, fascinated, when she talks to us of “celebration of life before the great spring awakening ”.

In any case, a lot of  specific workshops , definitely the places to be seen these last few weeks, have been consecrated on this subject: exit the making of chocolate truffles, its now the atelier “Make you own Wreath” that takes the honors in pop up stores,  in Xmas markets – they’re the new in thing at trendy hotels – and at Seize Paris, DIY studio, traditional leader of style (already into it last year!) If you’ve missed out on everything (as well as the limit to order by MP Insta at the florists we mentioned), Le Futiloscope has found another festive idea deco you can use in a pinch: spray paint those eucalyptus leaves you’ve been saving since autumn, in white or copper color, its perfect!

Photo : minuitsauvage.com