Why are letters of capital importance ?

Le Futiloscope, who suffered the martyr in kindergarten trying to reproduce capital letters in various curlicue shapes, can’t get over it! Today there are actually people, who of their own volition follow workshops and tutorials in calligraphy and handwriting! Under the trendy name of “lettering” or “hand lettering”, learning to write “Hello Sunshine” or “Namaste” with loops and curves on various surfaces is the newest trend in creative pastimes.

This form of calligraphy crossed with graphics, which is done with a Brush Pen is “in” with the millennials. You surely must have noticed that lately on blackboards in coffee shops or vegan restaurants the menus are written in chalk with a ton of fussy curlicues and stuffed full with well-meaning adages. Same thing for mugs, throw pillows, posters of brands for young people: the mantra or the convoluted citation with gothic or curved letters is de rigueur …It was a given that, bathed in this exuberant vintage aesthetic , some would go crazy for it! Besides, they find the aspect low tech and slow – OK we’re throwing in the whole kit and caboodle – so inspiring, right? And being all thumbs is apparently no obstacle to the process, in case you were wondering…It used to be that young ladies from good families were hired by fashion houses to write, by fountain pen, names and addresses on catwalk invitations. In 2018, lettering has become an amusement for the digital native. You can’t stop progress!

The quantity of blogs and DIY lettering offers on Internet is overwhelming. From young perfectionist mothers who write Christmas tags in calligraphy on brown butcher paper to cute young thirty somethings (OK, we admit it, it’s mostly women on this one) who decorate their Bullet Journals with ornate “goals”, a whole community is shaking its pen. Manuals on the subject abound . Who knows, maybe you have recently received greeting cards with homemade messages? And if not, a second chance awaits you if you’re somebody’s valentine…Dedicated contests have even appeared on Instagram . Because the word is out: any banality – Joy, Peace, Love, whatever – or name – of your pet, your sweetheart, your baby or your green plant – traced on a page in a little moleskin notebook, becomes “highly instagrammable”. And in today’s world there is no higher gratification we can aspire to, right?

Photo : Pinterest