Why are we in the battle of the baskets?

Seaside markets scoured during the long weekends, like shops in the cities, have only this in their heads! What's "this"? The basket! The rehab of this old icon - Hello Jane Birkin - was already around last summer. For the coming season, it's a tsunami of wicker, rattan and bamboo!  It's very simple, Le Futiloscope has the impression, via sponsored Instagram posts, fed by watered down algorithms, that a new brand emerges every day…a new brand…exactly like all the others! Le Futiloscope, listening only to its trend-oriented heart has decided to delve into this crucial subject: should we be dipping our hands in the basket? And if so, which one should we choose?

The Moroccan Moses Basket ?

We were so happy to see it again, the super simple woven hold-all, that archetype of artisanal coolness made in Essaouira or Marrakech! Besides, it wasn't expensive as an "it" bag…but that was before it was attacked by the demon of customization: embroidered with syrupy messages (most include the word Happy), ribbons abounding, lacquered with pompoms, decorated with motifs - eyes or cactus! - even monogrammed like a vulgar leather purse! Less and less BoHo and more and more "folklo", it rapidly turned into a gadget. But it keeps on arriving in the stores by the truckload, coming from a mysterious never-ending source. The verdict? This season our personal collection is going to summer camp in the attic (or, at the extreme limit, hung on the wall stuffed with dried flowers, a major deco standard of the moment, as well)!

The Thai tambourine Basket ?

Or Vietnamese, or Philippine or Balinese? In any case it comes from a corner of South East Asia where they make rattan fiber. The brand Bambien launched it last summer, artisanal models with nice detail and leather shoulder straps. We thought they were delightful and original. But since then the Xerox machine has been working overtime.. Round bags, botched version, now abound. And at prices totally incredible, rarely in keeping with the object's size! What can you put in it?Certain fashion extremists wear two or three at once, clearly to pack all their stuff in one go. A Futiloscope reader suggested keeping CD's in them. It's a brilliant idea, but frankly not one we're hot on: it is THE useless bag of the moment. the tambourine is a true false friend…

The California Cage ?

Last year, this model baptized "ARK", an elegant half moon bag in bamboo from the brand Cult Gaia - from L.A - was worn haughtily on the red carpet by all the celebs: never before seen for a basket! Pumped until it OD'd, its also at the heart of a legal battle. Its Californian creator is attacking Steve Madden, the New York giant of shoes and bags for copying. He has counter sued, arguing that "ARK" (argh!) is itself a copy… of a Japanese picnic basket from the 1940's. When we've come this far, useless to say it's too late to want one…even more so because the handle on this little architectural wonder is more uncomfortable than anything we could imagine (except maybe the little rough handle on some Moroccan baskets)…

The British Jelly Bag ? 

That's what they call it, this plastic hold-all that Pascale Ogier carts around gracefully between Paris and Marne la Vallée in Full Moon in Paris from Eric Rohmer! This symbol of 1980's "groovy" is having a spectacular come-back, thanks to Sunjellies, an English brand which also offers the "Atomic Tote" much more fifties.  Logical that after the hoopla about straw and natural fibers, plastic (it's fantastic) takes its revenge, and so it goes in fashion cycles…Gay, lightweight, practical, neither expensive nor pretentious, the Jelly Bag wants to be taken to the beach this summer? Let’ s go for it: this newcomer (back again) is so refreshing !