Why do we gotta glow?

If, like us at Le Futiloscope, you find a perverse pleasure in looking at stories of Instagirls leaving their Kundalini yoga classes, no doubt you will have noticed this troubling fact…these women all have  lustrous skin, their cheeks warm and just slightly incandescent, their lips luscious! They tell you it’s “gym skin”? Don’t believe it. Or just a little… because these creatures, glittering like lights guiding the populace through the darkest night, are so much more than just weather vanes of trendiness -- they glow!

What is this “glow” that every beauty product vaunts today? Born to Glow here, Glow in Rome there, without even mentioning all the “illuminators” or “highlighters” that promise a “glam glow” or even a “glow revival” to those who need it the most…Basically the “glow” is brightness -like the Milky Way- of the complexion. The vocabulary was only mildly sexy, so they re-baptized it “glow” -- gayer, newer, younger! To be glowy is to be radiant (once, we used to have the sun for that), bursting with beauty, pores resurfaced by keratolytic treatments and boosted by optical pigments…Why are we telling you about something that basically seems to be a vast hostile takeover of a trans-continental and trans-generational universal desire? Contrary to Bifidus actif – the french pre-millennials will remember the mythical “what’s good for the insides can be seen on the outside” – this light emanating from the complexion is more and more often seen to reflect the light within. When an American rejoices because someone tells her “you glow”, it’s not her skin that is targeted, but the marvelous spiritual pathway that has led to this shining radiance.

To be glowy, isn’t just to exhibit a complexion of celestial rays – no – it’s to radiate a deep seated peace, to which not only yoga, but the permaculture on the urban balcony and the frequentation of “good people” bring you. Women who have the glow frequently refer to “Love and Shine” on their Instagram posts. You find this ultra ridiculous? You just don’t have the glow yet, that’s all. Take a gong bath at the next new moon and you’ll see. It’s not by chance either, that this summer, the parisian  feminist newsletter Les Glorieuses talks about Summer Glow -- by the way, the neat new name of pearly terracotta – in its summer series of inspiring figures. A singer like Alicia Keys has also made “glow” her combat, since she refuses to use make-up to mask this luminous “me” that powders cover up…her manifest entitled You Glow is a jewel…GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) is the title of a Netflix series consecrated to the luminous – yes, again – wrestlers of super girl power in a world of macho brutes. It seems that the glow has become a certain moral value. And all other values hark back to it; it bugs us slightly at Le Futiloscope. We’re going to invest in something to give us a matte finish to our skin. That will be our little act of rebellion in this ocean of glow…

Photo :GLOW, Netflix