Why does granny make more than great coffee?

Is Le Futiloscope offering our excuses for having missed Grandmother’s Day last March 3? Not exactly, this non-event, a complete invention (conceived by who exactly?) is not really our cup of java. But we can’t hide much longer from this troubling fact: Grandma, not the one who, at 75 years old, still models super trendy clothes, nor the eccentric New Yorker, Iris Apfil, nor the super heroine in the photos, has the wind at her back and in her hair (with its blue rinse). Here are some clues…


Around the corner from Le Futiloscope Paris is the well-known restaurant l’Acajou, with its chef Jean Imbert, a guy who is omnipresent on social media and a personal chef sought after by American stars. In his new restaurant, Mamie , our little friend Jean will ply trades there with his adorable…Grandma! “She is the reason I have always wanted to do this job and it’s the meaning I want to give to my life, which has no sense if I’m not true to my origins” confessed recently this good little boy.

Le Futiloscope can’t help but see in this grandson’s love an echo, albeit slightly more mercantile, of the mythical Grandma’s Project, a collaborative web series where children film their grandmothers cooking their favorite recipes. We’re not going to offer a tear jerking couplet on the subject, but it is extremely touching. Le Futiloscope has a real crush on Yaya, an elderly but broke aristocrat with an air of Claude Pompidou “executing a cheese soufflé”…though Raymonde, Gigi, Linette and Monique aren’t too bad either!


Learning how to cook chicken soup is a good idea. But there are lots of other subjects that Grandma has something to say about. The new feminist podcast, Mamie dans les Orties (Granny in the wild) lets them talk about their lives when men still ruled the roost; before the vote, before checking accounts, before abortions. The Breton Mado, 90 years old, opens the dance. It’s edifying to hear about visits to backstreet angels and little arrangements with husbands who “couldn’t stand” to use condoms…. On #LaPoudreaimeLesRivières,  launched by the feminist podcast La Poudre, to promote a documentary plainly trans generational, lots of young women post inspiring life trajectories of their grandmothers. There are lots of feel good novelists who aren’t even aware that they’re sitting on a gold mine !


Last, but not least, how can you not quiver with pleasure at the enchanting vision of Eva Ruchpaul, historic yogi who is over 90 years old, just too cute, sitting in a lotus position on her couch? This white haired lady, a clone of Poupette in the film La Boum, married to a Brahmin – take that you new age influencers in turbans -- has been practicing since well before the banalization of yoga Kudalini. She has even just inspired a super book based on interviews with her where she would like to help her “city dwelling brothers and sisters, overfed, under oxygenated, and over excited to slow down” (coming out in May). It’s odd, but somehow when the lesson is given by a friendly 90 year old, it’s much easier to take…