Why are we in up to our necks?

Or more precisely, why are we once again dressing up our necks?  Already three winters ago we were asking ourselves about the advent of “neck warmers”, those turtleneck dickies in merino wool or cashmere, detachable and classy at the same time, with their look of a quasi-neck brace.  Since, the knitted plastron, a chic alternative to the floppy scarf, has become easier to find (notably at Asos or Weekday). 


But this season especially, Cos, already on the front line of the initial offensive, offers a hybrid of the concept.  Introducing…the neck-puffa!  It’s not a hood (and given its austere look, we wouldn’t dare wear it with cute little bonnet with a pompom on it), but it zips and unzips on an everyday coat.  It’s undeniably alluring.

And what do you think of this … “neck cape ?”  (see big photo above) we found on the Arket e-shop ? Isn't it irresistible ? Part of the H&M group, Arket only has stores in Northern Europe , but they ship worldwide . Good news, because this fall, they carry a whole collection of alpaca , merino or even fleece neck warmers (below) , some of them are quite sophisticated. We just wonder why they call them “neck bibs” (carrot puree, anyone? )


 But where does this trend come from ?  Easy:  a big dose of hi-tech clothing (superstar of the moment), crossed with a zest of catastrophe mode (if you adjust it correctly the neck-puffa can be used as an anti-viral mask), even neo-warrior (its coat of mail look).  Without forgetting its slight dystopian retro-futurist leaning, a pool from which designers continue to fish cheerfully.  Besides that, Cos has also brought out a mini waterproof rain cape—with matching hat—which wouldn’t look out of place on an episode of the Handmaid’s Tale.


We might even prefer this other UFO (below) that we saw at Acne, an improbable though rather amusing meeting between a turtleneck and a long-haired broom.  Much less boring!