Why is home the new hotel ?

“This isn’t a hotel here! “. The cult phrase used by families tired of seeing their teens treat their mothers like hotel staff is slightly old-fashioned right now. Not that teens have fundamentally changed their attitudes in this moment where “room service” has invaded all aspects of their lives…it’s just that the hotel, this paradise lost due to lockdowns, has left some people so bereft that they try to import its codes into their own homes. To paraphrase the excellent French novelist Paul Féval, “If you don’t go to the hotel, the hotel will come to you”!

How can we explain it without talking about the amusing initiative from the group Mama Shelter, who offers the famous Mama Bed sold on their E-shop, springs, mattress, and mattress topper included? Lots of new brands’ high fashion mattresses (Bonsoirs, La Chambre Paris, Greige) now communicate about the multi-star quality of their bed linen, preferentially white (with matching pillowcases obligatory). And in cotton percale, if you please, this material so specific to palaces (especially if it’s Egyptian cotton like here) and go on the bed without a hitch! It makes you want to dump the ragged duvet cover in washed linen, whose reign, it’s true, ended up by boring us. Rigor and class on our beds to fight against the vestimentary decadence of working from home? Okay, le Futiloscope dares—in order to take maximum advantage of these new fascinating acquisitions—to take a quick look at a series of Instagram tutorials to live in “mode 5* at home”. The first one, “A Cocooning Bed, like a Palace”.

When we think that once being young was about destroying hotel rooms like Kate Moss and Johnny Depp circa 1994 (8500 euros worth of damage, that merits a little respect)! The millennials, who are decidedly strange ducks, are now trying to decide in which headboard to invest their money, another piece of furniture popular in the hotel world. Very chic or boutique hotel arty? Once found on Amazon exclusively in its iconic quilted form, it’s now an important product. The same nostalgia in City Breaks, the flagship of trendy hostelries , which is now indulging in chic bathrooms: bathrobes or towels, snowy and immaculate—and maybe with just a touch of dark blue on the edges—but also in those with bright colors. Play the grande dame in one’s own bathroom, with linen that says “Palace”? It’s not the same thing as monogrammed slippers from Hotel Thingamajig! Besides, those are now made–and in a more durable version—by the new brand Spleen…neat name which perfectly describes our feelings a day with a speech from President Emmanuel Macron !

Picture : Shining