Why are the rolling stones making their ultimate comeback ?

Quartz attack, quartz attack ! In case you didn’t notice there was a new Christmas present for all us girls recently. Those famous boxes of body creams from Ritual or l’Occitane under the tree have been replaced by little “quartz rollers”! You know, those pink face massagers atop golden wands (like here) that are supposed to awaken your glow. The number of facialists instagrammers that you can see passing them languorously across their faces has exploded exponentially. The quartz rollers have two buddies, both in crystal and both very much in vogue: the “gua sha”, a kind of flat scraper that gives a lifting effect and the “shroom”, a cute little mushroom that reduces pouches, dark circles and everything else. There’s also a masque that you might wear for carnival…these face tools can be found in jade, opal, etc. and they lead the offensive of the moment: lithotherapy or the art of healing with stones. Roughly, the idea that stones have an influence on our organisms via the vibrations they emit. These waves interact with our electromagnetic fields and help to heal certain wounds, notably on our skin. So be it!

Why are we suddenly going back to what is, all in all, something once thought of as “new age crap”? We would never have thought that it would have taken off as well. The first time we saw one of these gadgets in tourmaline or rock crystal was three or four years ago in yoga and healing centers in New York or L.A. Generally, there were fumigation sticks, vaginas in plush, mushroom drinks and books about Wicca (the cool section of witchery) on the shelves. You get it. In the world before, we saw them in a Glow Bar in London, a sort of herbal tea shop and snobby spa dedicated to a glowing complexion. But in France that still smelled of hippie nonsense. Well now, we find rollers and “wellness eggs” to flatter your shakras, even at Target . Without even mentioning all those “protection bracelets” with little beads of obsidian, hematite, onyx that proliferate on wrists of anti-globalization adherents! Or those cute little amethyst totems that you find in homes which are usually decorated with Diptyque candles filled with incense or patchouli. As to those priestesses of lithotherapy, there is no more glamorous group than them.

What an idea to fill our days with all these pink, green or white stones? First, it’s a change from dried flowers, no? Instagram posts on the subject are magnificent. The practice of the “grid”, a graphic arrangement of mini crystals, very beneficial of course, brings back the inspiration for DIY. It’s perfect when you’re tired of tying up sage bundles for smudge sticks. The winds of esoterism that sweep through our psyches need constant new things to amuse them, and this one does the job perfectly. More seriously though, the general suspicion of all that we can put on and into our bodies apparently advocates for these wellness gests and external cosmetics. Stones don’t lie.